It's time to take back control of your emotions. 
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Hey there! 
My name's Ayla, and I help people learn how to support their emotions by intentionally caring for the mind, body & soul!  

This all happens inside of a kind-hearted and open-minded community, because who doesn't need some encouragement and support every once in awhile?! 

If you want to read more about how I got started on this life-changing, empowering journey, click the button below!

 How can I help you on your journey? 

Product Links
Since I earn a commission when you shop through these links, you have my support for as long as you need! I want you to have the best customer experience possible, so please feel free to reach out to me anytime you have questions or concerns.

Young Living Essential Oils
Aside from making premium essential oil singles and blends, this company also infuses them into a variety of high-quality products! You can find everything from personal care products to make-up, cleaning supplies to supplements, and more!

When you order your YL products through me (Member No. 15219923), not only do you get access to my product education group, but you also get access to the Essentially Balanced Emotions Community.

FÜM Products
The FÜM Inhaler is the perfect accessory for any essential oil user! You can either pair it with the blank cores (to use with your own oils), or opt for the ones that come pre-infused with premium essential oils (they have 3 singles and 6 blends to choose from). 

When you order your FÜM products through me, you get life-time access to my exclusive Keep Calm & FÜM On product education and support group! You'll have access to tutorials, recipes and other resources.

Hello Fresh
This super affordable meal-kit is my go-to for easy, delicious and nutritious dinners! Not only do you get to choose your recipes, but they're actually super easy to follow. 

Also, everything comes pre-measured and gets shipped right to your door! I honestly used to hate cooking, until we gave Hello Fresh a try - now I feel like a pro! When you use the link below to order, you'll get $40 off your first box!

 Book a Virtual Coffee 
Let's have a coffee (or tea) while I help you determine whether my products and services are the right fit for you (if not, we can obviously still be friends)!

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