Random Acts of Kindness That Won’t Drain Your Brain

Random Acts of Kindness That Won’t Drain Your Brain

Most people want to be kind and they hope to do good things, but sometimes life can make that easier said than done. 

When you’re trying to keep up with your busy life, manage your debt or you’re feeling absolutely drained… spending time, money or energy on someone else can be hard. 

The good news is that you can be kind, do good things and make others smile, all without draining your brain or wallet. 

Keep reading to get some ideas of random acts of kindness that are easy, meaningful and sure to make someone’s day!

PS. - I included my favourite ‘Liquid Calm’ recipe at the end, just in case you’re looking for some different ways to relax and support your emotions. It’s my go to for days when I’m having trouble being kind to myself and/or others.

Be kind to your server. They’re often dealing with things behind the scenes, both personal and work-related, that the customer never knows about. Eye contact, a smile, showing some patience and compassion – all those things can really turn someone’s shift around. 


Text someone good morning or goodnight. Kick-start their day and/or make sure it ends on the right note by showing them that you care, and that you’re thinking of them! 


Write a positive comment on a website or blog. The internet is full of negative ones, so next time you see a post you really enjoy, let the author know! It might just make their day.


Praise a local business online. Reviews and referrals can be huge, especially for smaller, local businesses. Show your favourite shop, restaurant or salon some love and tell others why you’re obsessed with them. It’ll warm their heart and may even help their business!

Drink more water. Taking care of your mind and body should be your top priority. When you feel good, it’s way easier to help others and be kind! 

DIY   'Liquid Calm'  Roller

This is my number one blend for when I’m “on edge” and my nerves are completely rattled. I always find it’s easy to be positive, kind and calm when I use it!



  • 10 drops Lavender EO

  • 10 drops Valor EO

  • 8 drops Vetiver EO

  • 8 drops Grapefruit EO

  • 8 drops Joy EO

  • 5 drops Release EO 

  • 5 drops Cedarwood EO

  • V-6 oil (or carrier oil of your choice)


  1. Drop essential oils into a 10ml roller bottle.

  2. Fill remainder of bottle with V-6 oil (or carrier oil of your choice).

  3. Roll bottle gently between hands to mix (can do before each use).

  4. Optional - Gift wrap and give to a friend who could use this right now.


Apply on wrists, inner elbow, back of neck, bottoms of feet, temples, third eye, behind ears and on shoulders as needed. This blend contains two photosensitive oils, so avoid applying to areas that will be exposed to the sun throughout the day.

What random acts of kindness have you experienced before? Whether you were the one giving or receiving, I'd love to read your story in the comments!


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