My Favourite Routine for A Goodnight’s Sleep

My Favourite Routine for A Goodnight’s Sleep

Last week I mentioned that sleep is crucial for our mental health (if you haven’t seen that post yet, read it here). The thing is, getting a good sleep isn’t always easy. I struggled with regulating my own sleep schedule for years and I still remember how horrible I felt during that time. 


Thankfully, I found a routine that gives me so much relief! When I’m consistent with it, I sleep like a baby. Even my clients find that the routine laid out below works wonders for them! 


Also, read to the end for my favourite DIY Sleep Spray recipe that has me excited to crawl into bed – so dreamy

1. Avoid Blue Light

Blue light is a specific type of wavelength that triggers our brain into thinking its daylight, so it can affect our circadian rhythm. Basically, this means that blue light makes our brain and body think it’s time to be awake! Since this is clearly something we don’t want, especially when struggling with sleep, I always recommend trying to avoid blue light for at least a half hour, preferably an hour if possible. You can try using a blue light filter if your phone has one, but it’s best to just avoid any screen time before bed (TV, Smart Phone, Computer, etc).


2. Have Some Wind Down Time

I don’t know about you, but I find that after a busy day my mind is just racing. I love giving myself at least a half hour before bed to relax. Reading a good book, journaling and meditating are some of my favourite activities to do! This is also the perfect opportunity to avoid that blue light I mentioned above.  


3. Give Yourself a Relaxing Shoulder Massage

Grab your favourite massage gel, lotion, or essential oil blend (preferably something calming), add some to you hands and gently massage into your shoulders. I also do this to my pecs, as that’s where I seem to carry all my stress. You could even massage your lower back, thighs and/or arms. This is a great way to let go of any tension from a long day. 


4. Play a Sleep Story

If you struggle with your mind running at night, I highly suggest trying a sleep story! I play one every night and it’s so soothing. I’m not able to fall asleep when the TV is on or there’s music playing, so I was really surprised when sleep stories didn’t bother me. They seem make drifting off easier!

My Favourite DIY Sleep Spray Recipe

This is my favourite recipe to use for a good night’s sleep! I often use this combination of oils for a diffuser blend as well, but I find that spraying my sheets with this sleep spray before bed provides extra support that I really need! 


Ingredients & Supplies

  • 4oz glass spray bottle

  • 5 drops Cedarwood EO

  • 5 drops Lavender EO

  • 5 drops Orange EO

  • 2 tbsp witch hazel

  • Distilled water 


  1. Add witch hazel and essential to glass bottle.

  2. Fill with water, leaving room at the top so it doesn’t overflow when you add the spray top. 

  3. Twist spray top on firmly. 

  4. Shake well after making and before each use. 

  5. Spray on pillows and sheets a half hour before bed. 

  6. Sleep well! Make sure to store out of direct sunlight.  

Do you have a bedtime routine or ritual that you love? Share it in the comments down below! It’s always fun to hear what either people are doing, sometimes I even get a few new ideas!


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